Young M.A. Announces Debut Album Along With The Release of New Single “PettyWap 2”

Young M.A PettyWap 2

Young M.A PettyWap 2

Along side the release of her new track PettyWap 2, Young M.A announced the coming of her new album Herstory In The Making this fall.

In PettyWap 2 Young M.A raps about her money and preferred type of women. The song is also the lead single for her upcoming album.

Listen to “Young M.A PettyWap 2” Below :-

Quotable Lyrics Of “Young M.A PettyWap 2

Big booty Judy in that Benz, she go hard with her friends
And she ain’t got no kids but she take care of me like I came out her pussy
We live life on the edge so please do not push me

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Watch “Young M.A PettyWap 2” Video Below :-

About Young M.A Album “Herstory In The Making”

The rapper’s new single arrives 10 years after her brother was fatally shot.

“There isn’t a single day that I don’t think about my brother,” M.A said in a press release. “He continues to motivate me; inspire me & this project will forever be dedicated to his legacy.”

The album is set to arrive Sept. 27. 2019.

It’ll have about 21 tracks, including the bonus cut, and we might also be seeing contributions from Zaytoven, Relle Bey, Mike Zombie, Antwan Thompson, NY Bangers, and more. 

Young M.A PettyWap 2
Herstory In The Making

Do you love this new track and how do you feel about the up coming album, leave a comment below. Tell us how you feel.

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