Vanilla’s Lover: Episode 8


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Tom came out when he heard vanilla yell, he wondered what was going on. Tim “hey babe, what’s going on?” Vanila sighed “oh it’s nothing” Tom “are you sure, you seemed pissed” Vanila scoffed “I said nothing! Let it be” then she sighed “ok I shouldn’t be taking it out on you” Tom sighed “it’s okay, so what next” Vanila “I’m starving, we should go grab a bite, then drop me off at Nakisha’s”.

Tom chuckled slightly “you like literally live there” Vanilla “should be thankful, you won’t make it out alive if you came to my house, my parents will eat, you and my mom will dance around your grave “They both laughed as they got into the car.

After lunch, Tom dropped her outside Nakisha’s gate and was reluctant to go in Vanila “what’s up with you, come in let’s have a drink or so, or do you have somewhere else to be ?” Tom “not really” Vanila chuckled softly “you’re scared of Nakisha? She’s not gonna eat you” Tom “no, it’s not her, it’s Vicky, she’s in there right now”.

Vanila frowned “I thought you two broke up, how do you know where she is??” Tom “she told me she was going to hangout with Nakisha today before I broke up with her, I don’t wanna go in there and, you know, rub it off her face” Vanila rolled her eyes “it’s okay, but, I need you to attend my parent’s party this evening, please, I need you by my side”.

Tom stuttered “of course, I’d really love to see your parents, they’re great influential people, but I’m nervous” Vanila perked him “no need to be, they’ll behave, wouldn’t want to ruin their own high society party.

Tom kissed her “fine, will be there babe” They said goodbyes as Tom got into his car and zoomed off. “Aww vanila you look good”, the girls exclaimed as they viewed photos from the shoot on her phone, Tom helped her take them during the shoot.

They were only five girls; Vanila, Nakisha, Vicky, Bebe, and Tracy. Then they got to pictures of her and Tom, Tracy exclaimed “aww he’s so cute” Vanila “yeah, he’s my new boo” Bebe “I think I’ve seen him before, somewhere, oh I remember, Vicky’s party”, The girls knew very well what Bebe was doing, she wasn’t trying make it clear that it was Vicky’s ex, she wanted to fight Vicky’s fight.

Vanila smiled and turned to Vicky “oh. Really, didn’t notice, so, were you guys close” Vicky smiled back “very close” Vanila “awww, hope you’re still so close”Vicky”not really” Vanila “aww that’s bad” Vicky “you know, I heard someone else was supposed to model Sarah’s shorts, but you babe, snatched the deal”.

Vanila made a voice “oh did I, I didn’t know, they just called me” Vicky laughed “you’re very talented at quite a few things, modeling, snatching shoes, watches, maybe even men” Nakisha smashed the table “ok you two bitches! If you have something to say , say it! Or shut the fuck up and quit this bitchy chat You’re having at my table, get the fuck out and settle all your problems”.

Vanila gasped “what?, I don’t have a problem, Vicky, do you have a problem with me ??” Vicky forced a smile “of course not, why would I??” Vicky could never bring herself to stand up to Vanilla no matter how bad she wanted to Nakisha “good” Vanila “so guys, my parents are having this, boring party tonight, something about a new tech buisness they’re lunching, I can swear it’s gonna be boring so I need you guys around me”

Tracy “ok but how are we going to get in, I’m sure such high society party is strictly by invitation” Vanila “just holler at me when you get there, I’ll come pick you up, besides, I’m sure Nakisha’s mum was invited, Tracy you can go with them.

Vicky I’m sure you Dad was invited, Bebe, you can tag along, simple “Vicky checked her watch “great, I’ll surely be there, uhh I’ve gotta go, might need to do some shopping” Vicky walked out and Bebe raised her nose at her and murmured “bitch” Vanila pinched Nakisha and muttered “some friends” “Finally you came home”.

Vanila looked up as soon as she walked into the mansion and found her mother. Vanila dryly said “hey mum” Stephanie “what did you think dyeing your hair that stupid color, I thought I told you to return it to it’s original color, black” Vanila scoffed “never going to happen, I mean we both know you hate your brown hair that’s why you keep dying yours red, so let me be mum” Stephanie “a dress is waiting in your room, as well as a stylist and a makeup artist, please don’t give them a hard time” Vanila “oh I can’t make any promises dear mummy”

Stephanie “and make sure you report to my room when you’re ready, your father and I have something to tell you” Vanila scoffed and walled into her room.

Two hours later, she was done, she wore a black off shoulder dress, and silver heels, the makeup artists have her a very light makeup, then she headed to her parents suit.

“wow! my baby is looking very gorgeous” her dad exclaimed, then he hugged her. Stephanie had already dressed up in a red dress “you look nice honey” Vanila thanks mum “wish I could say the same” Stephanie “what??” Vanila whispered so only her dad could hear “with that red hair and red dress looking like fire extinguisher” they both burst into laughter and Stephanie frownedStephanie “what’s going on, don’t I look nice?”

Jamie “honey, how about you change to a black dress or some other nice colour that’s not red” Stephanie sighed “fine, how about the sea green one” Jamie “fabulous” Stephanie turned to Vanila “I need you to behave today , the governor’s son will be coming, I’m sure he’d like to have a chat with you” Vanila frowned “okay, I’ve seen this in movies and read it in books, hell no mum I won’t be your political pawn okay” Stephanie “just a chat, I’m not taking of marriage”.

Jamie “please honey, just to give a good impression” Vanila “I won’t start something I can’t finish” Stephanie “I will get you a pink Lamborghini, or a silver one just like your dad’s” Vanila’s frown turned into a smirk “now you’re taking mum, what’s his name??…………………………..To be continued

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