Vanilla’s Lover: Episode 7

Vanilla's Lover: Episode 7

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The room seemed cold as soon as Vanila stepped back into it, then she noticed the odd stares she was getting from Victoria and her best friend Bebe.

Vanila scoffed and grabbed a drink, then she turned up the volume of the music, and started dancing, soon everybody joined in, while Victoria sulked with her friend.

The party finally ended by 11pm and Nakisha had to literally drag some people out of the house. Both girls showered together and dressed in Nakisha’s nighty.

They were having a little chat when Luke called. Vanila “hey what’s up” You got a gig for Sarah’s shorts, tomorrow morning 8am prompt, I’ll email you the address “Vanila” uhh how about you come pick me up at Nakisha’s” Luke “uhh actually I’m not your driver, and, last time I checked, your boyfriend has a convertible, Call him” Then he ended the call Vanila was shocked, Nakisha heard the whole conversation because the phone was on speaker.

Nakisha “girl, the hell was that” Vanila gasped “I’m as shocked as you” Nakisha “well he’s right, you cannot order him around” Vanila scoffed “you’re just saying that because you like him” Nakisha “hmmm I smell jealousy, what’s really going on between you too” Vanila “girl nothing! I’m with Tom now, he’s yours, totally yours” Nakisha laughed “gimme his number”

Vanila “if you like him so much you’ll have to ask him yourself” Nakisha frowned and muttered “bitch” Vanila’s face lightened up as her phone rang, it was Tom calling. Vanila “hey” Tom “hey babe what’s up” Vanila “I’m gud” Tom took a deep breath “I broke up with Victoria” Vanila was slightly shocked “oh wow so quick?? You must really want me” Tom “yeah, uhh can we meet up now”.

Vanila laughed “hell no! I’m not a slut okay ??” Tom “no, I didn’t mean it like that, I’m sorry” Vanila “yeah, whatever, can you do something for me ??” Tom “sure, anything for you” Vanila “uhh I have a shoot very early tomorrow morning, I was hoping you’ll drop me off” Tom “sure babe” Vanila “Nakisha’s house, 8am tomorrow morning” Tom “will be there babe l”Vanila “goodnight” Tom “night, love you” Vanila “you too” then she hung up the phone.

Vanila “a bitch never says I love you” Nakisha rolled her eyes “girl you’ve never loved anyone all your life! You’re a wicked witch of the west” Vanila burst into laughter “Nakky please fix me a dress to wear to tomorrow’s shoot” Nakisha “yeah, you owe me for all the dresses I’ve been giving you” Vanila winked “don’t worry, one of these days I’ll take you shopping in Dubai, you’ll see all those cute guys and fat ass girls “Nakisha went to her dressing room to arrange a dress for Vanila.

Tom was already at Nakisha’s house before 7:45am He came with a bouquet of flowers and officially asked vanila to be his girlfriend, she accepted. They had a cool and silent drive to the venue of the shoot.

Tom held her hands as she drove. Vanila decided to end the boredom and took out her phone. She started an Instagram live video, saying she was going for a shoot and boo was dropping her off. Tom was reluctant at first, but later did the video with her.

She was sure poor Vicky would surely see the video. “Okay Vanila please gimme that sexy pose” called the photographer. vanila was nearly blinded by the flashlights are she did the photoshoot for the shots brand.

It’s been almost two hours now and she was getting really exhausted. “Ok this last one, gimme this bad girl pose” vanila have a bitchy squat and the camera went flash!!!! Photographer “okay, uhm I think we’re done, I must say vanila, you’re really beautiful! and sexy” Vanila smiled “oh thanks” The CEO of the brand, Mrs Sarah Smith shook hands with vanila “It’s a pleasure darling, will love to have you walk on my runway”.

Luke quickly cleared his throat and intervened “let’s not be uhmm ahead of ourselves here, we’ll surely talk about that later” Mrs Smith nodded “Vanila, I’ll love you to wear this short, at least for today please, all the others you modelled will be delivered to your house immediately, plus a special gift from me “Vanila smiled” oh great thanks” Mrs Smith “so can I please have a selfie, I’m a fan” Vanila “sure!”.

They took a picture together, and vanila made an insta video promoting the brand, then they headed out. Vanila turned to Luke “what’s your problem?” Luke “excuse me??” Vanila “you’re blocking opportunities for me, why didn’t you allow her talk about the runway stuff ” Luke “because I didn’t want it to look like you’re desperate” Vanila gasped Luke “and what is your problem??”.

Vanila “what??” Luke brought out his phone and showed her her video with Tom on Instagram “what were you thinking doing this video?? You think people will take you serious to do buisness with you?? You’re not meant to flaunt your relationship on Instagram, you’re meant to advertise your business there!” Vanila was very angry “I will do whatever I like! It’s my life!” Luke “whatever, your parents are having a party this evening, said you must be home by evening” With that, he got into her car. Vanila fired at him “you’re just jealous because I’m not with you instead!”

Luke chucked “you really need a reality check babe” Vanila “and a reality show bitch!!” Luke ignored her and sped off.

So, hope y’all enjoyed this episode, I may drop many episodes tomorrow since I’m free in only u guys will gimme sweet likes and spicy comments

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