Vanilla’s Lover: Episode 6


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Vanila walked away from the bed into the bathroom, she took photos of herself in her lingerie before she went on to take her bath.

By the time Tom woke up, she had already dressed up and Was applying makeup. Tom stood up and made to kiss her but she dodged, Vanila “hey, ever heard of mouthwash??” Tom chucked “so, when will I see you again?? “Vanila stood up “that question, I cannot answer, now give me your rolex”.

Tom was surprised at this demand ” what?? Why” Vanila “I like it” Tom “it’s a customized Rolex if you want, I can have them make one for you” Vanila rolled her eyes “sweetheart, who do you think you’re talking to, I have dozens of customized watches!”

Tom sighed in defeat and handed over the watch to her. She took it from him and walked away while he started at her ass and licked his lips.”who the fuck Is that!!” Nakisha grumbled as she got off her bed, it was barely eight in the morning, she wondered who had the nerve to Knock at her door by this time, even her mum couldn’t dare.

She opened the door and her face came to life when she saw Vanila. Vanila rushed into the room and shut the door. Vanila “hey “Nakisha said nothing, she just keep smiling sheepishly Vanila *what?? Why are you smiling like an idiot??” Nakisha burst into laughter, Vanila” you know you’re beginning to annoy me right now”.

Nakisha” Vl! You are a bitch “Vanila was shocked” what??” Nakisha “I know you had sex with someone last night” Vanila” what??” Nakisha” girl! Don’t even try to lie to me, you smell like dick all the way from there “Vanila gasped” what?? but I took my bath “Nakisha burst into another frenzy of laugher “I was right!.

So who’s he??” Vanila smiled “Tommy “Nakisha pouted “Vanila, you’re wicked! You slept with Vicky’s man, now she’s gonna be sad “Vanila” oh and lonely “Nakisha” what” Vanila “that guy seems sex starved, like her plastic ass can’t please, I gave it to him so good, he wanted more”Nakisha made a face “ewww! So you don’t even regret your actions, the slightest bit”

Vanila sang “🎵 I don’t regret it, I can’t deny it , I did it, I was a ho 🎵They both burst into hysteric laughter. Nakisha “but what would you do if someone did that to your man” Vanila frowned” girl, who do you think you’re talking to?? I ain’t no basic bitch! Vicky is, if a bitch even stares at my man, I will drag and drop that bitch “Nakisha sighed ” anyways, I was planning to host a little get together for our high school classmates.

Vanila smiled “will Vicky be coming??” Nakisha” of course”Vanila “then she’ll bring Tom to show off “Nakisha noddedVanila “I’m gonna wear Tom’s watch, and I’ll make sure Vicky sees it, wanna see the look in her plastic face” Nakisha “you’re truly Satan’s god daughter” Vanila” I know, but first of all, find me something slutty to wear “The party kicked off by 5pm.

Luke had called her to inform her that her parents were back and wanted to see her but she said she won’t be going home till the next day. As expected, Vicky came with Tom and vanilla rocked the watch.

She wore a black see through mini dress and wore a black bra and short shorts inside,Tom kept staring, along with the other guys there who lacked self control. The girls sat together in a table, Vicky left Tom’s side for once and came to say hi.

Vanila picked that moment and flaunted the watch A girl named Tracy stared at the watch *awww that’s nice, where’d you get it” Vanila ” oh it’s a gift “Tracy ” but it’s customized, and you’re name does not start from T Vanila pushed on “The owner’s name does” Tracy *awww you could just give me, they’ll think it’s mine” Vanila giggled “no, this one’s special, I’ll have one made specially for you and delivered first thing by Monday*

Tracy hugged her “wow thanks vanny” Vanila turned to Vicky, her face showed that she recognized the watch, jackpot!! Vanila “now if you’d excuse me”.

She walked into the Ladies room, to touch up on her makeup when Tom suddenly rushed in and closed the door. She smirked as her rushed at her and nearly drowned her with a kissTom “God! You’re addictive, I missed you so much” then he began grinding against her and making to off her clothes at the same time.

Vanila pushed him away “sorry but, I’m not your bitch, just because I let you hit once don’t mean it’s yours” Tom “what?? “Vanila” I won’t be nobody’s side chick, if you want this cookie, you gotta show me off “.

Tom looked confused “i don’t understand what you’re asking me to do” Vanila smirked “it’s simple, ever heard of this Ariana Grande’s song??”

Then she started singing “🎵 Break up with your girlfriend, Yeah yeah cuz I’m bored…… You can hit it in the morning Yeah like it’s yours 🎵”……………………..To be continued.

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