Vanilla’s Lover: Episode 5


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Vanila honestly couldn’t believe what was happening!! Luke was leaning closer, closer and closer, like he was really going to kiss her.

She closed her eyes and leaned in for a kiss, only to hear him burst into laughter. She gasped in embarrassment Vanila “why the hell are you laughing” Luke struggled to speak admist laugher “look at you! You really wanted the kiss” Vanila rolled her eyes” you’re such a clown “Then she walked into her huge dressing room and Luke followed her She scoffed at him” like seriously?? What if I wanna undress, and go naked.

“Luke smirked” well technically, that’s what models do “Vanila “Fuck you” Luke “uhh will love that “Vanila couldn’t help laughing, they she turned to the large mirror and pouted “maybe you’re right, maybe I need to change the color of my hair”.

Luke “yup” Vanila touched her small perky breasts” and a few other things “Luke “nope, they’re perfect, in size and shape “Vanila threw him a cushion “you perv! So you’re been examining my boobs.

“Luke gave his signature charming smile and walked closer, he leaned forward from behind so his jaw was Touching her shoulders.

“I’m serious, your body is perfect the way it is, you don’t need any form of surgery you may regret later, and once you begin one, you can’t end” Vanila sighed “I don’t think my manager would think so “Luke “who says you need one “Vanila was startled” what do you mean??”.

Luke “I can manage you” Vanila burst into laughter “wait! Are you serious” Luke “100%, I know a lot of industry people, I’m good at stuffs like this I can land you lots of big gigs “Vanila eyed him” and yet you don’t have a job” Auch! That must’ve hurt, vanila quickly retracted her words”, I didn’t mean it like that but we’re taking about my career here.

“Luke smiled “it’s cool, and I have a job, I manage both your parents webs and other things in case you don’t know” He gave a brief pause and continued” look, all you have to do is trust me and you won’t regret it “Vanila sighed “fine, let’s give it a shot.

“Luke sighed in relief “great thanks so, first of all, do you have money?? “Vanila” I’ve got 13 million dollars in my account” Luke “wow that’s huge” Vanila “yeah but dad gave me an extra credit card, says I can spend maximum of fifty million dollars,”

Luke “ok , so first, you need to freshen up, we need to go shopping and give you a new look, while you’re at it, I’ll log into your Gram and spice things up” Vanila “ok, I’ll meet you in the car, and please help me follow a Tom Carrie” Luke “who’s that ??” Vanila “a guy I like and please leave my room”, with that, she stormed off.

About an hour later, vanila joined Luke in the car. They both headed to one of the most prestigious designer mall to shop for clothes, shoes, bags jewelries, etc Next, they went to the salon where vanila had her hair dyed silvery grey.

Luke made a video of the hair making process and shopping and posted it on her Instagram, she had enough followers already and soon it was trending. She also did a photoshoot and they were both exhausted even before the afternoon was over they decided to grab a bite and stopped by a restaurant.

Luke went to make orders and grab their food while vanila sat waiting and going through her Instagram. Suddenly, she got a direct message from Tom. She quickly replied and they started to chat.

This however irritated Luke as she kept on typing even while they were eating. They had a silent drive home. By the time they got home, Tom was outside the house waiting leaning besides his black convertible.

She got out of the car without even saying goodbye to Luke and didn’t even bother to pick up her shopping bags. She went on and hugged Tom. They started chatting while Luke silently removed the bags and took them inside.

Tom motioned to Luke as he passed them and said “is he your driver??” He said it so loud like he wanted Luke to hear vanila shook her head no. They both got into his car and zoomed off.

Vanila woke up the next morning with a huge headache. Yeah, she partied hard with Tom like that. She looked around the hotel suite they were in and finally turned to Tom who was fast asleep beside her She rubbed her bare chest and smiled when she remembered how naughty they had both been the previous night. Yeah, they had sex , good sex……………..To be continued

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Writer : Lilian ibeade



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