Vanilla’s Lover: Episode 4


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Luke drove silently as they headed home while vanila sang along to south of the boarder by Ed Sheeran ft Camila cabello and Cardi B.

She however stole glances at Luke through the front mirror of the car. “Gosh he’s so handsome” She admitted to herself.

Vanila grunted obviously bored “you don’t speak??” Luke “you didn’t ask me to, my princess” Vanila rolled her eyes” so, tell me, do you have a girlfriend?” Luke “not yet, why?? you want to be mine??”.

Vanila scoffed” In your widest dreams” Luke laughed” come on, I can tell by the way you’ve been staring at me “Vanila hissed” fuck you “then she turned to the window, she was slightly embarrassed, didn’t know Luke caught her drooling over him. “Fool” she said to herself.

Luke cleared his throat” so , about your friend, the really crazy one “Vanila mumbled” what about her “Luke ” you know, she’s kinda cute “Vanila shot at him angrily” well she’s not your type so stay away from her “Luke was shocked at her sudden outburst” what?? “Vanila” I see you, I know your type! You’re nothing but a fucking player and Nakisha doesn’t need someone like you “Luke” why will you call me a player?? “Vanila” how come you don’t have a girlfriend uhh?? With your looks am sure girls are falling all over you “He was silent.

It was a very painful silence for vanila, she wanted him to prove her wrong but he was just silent. They continued their journey home in bitter silence.

Vanila’s mood however changed as she got into the house, now she felt regret for lashing at him the way she did earlier. However, she couldn’t bring herself to apologise, vanila Deudotiii never apologized “bad bitches are never sorry ” she said to herself. She however made an effort to clear the air between them.

Luke walked into the living room and headed upstairs but she stopped him. Vanila “uhh do you know where my nanny Sonia went to “Luke” she went to get groceries “Vanila was however surprised at the cheerfulness that still filled his voice despite her sassy attitude towards him earlier.

Not knowing what else to say, she stood up and headed to her room which was at the third story of the house Luke suddenly blocked her way Vanila stuttered “what are you doing?? “Luke” I’m sure you’re tired, won’t taking the stairs be stressful for you Princess??” then he gave a cute wink Vanila couldn’t hide a blush “are you flirting with me right now?? “Luke leaned closer” well, do you like it?? “Vanila was speechless Luke ” I guess you do”, with that, he took her unawares are carried her like a baby upstairs Vanila was totally stunned!! She made an attempt to break Free and hit his chest.

Those heavenly chest, they melted her, she couldn’t protest, she just stayed still and watched his beautiful eyes as he carried her to her room. She regained her senses when he dropped her on her confey Barbie themed bed Vanila” hey! What’s wrong with you?? What do you think my parents would have thought if they had seen us like that!!

“Luke smirked” Actually they’re not home, they went to a surmmit in Washington, should be back by tomorrow “Vanila” okay, you can leave now “Luke pouted ” aww how cute, do you know how beautiful you are when you’re angry?? “Vanila” what?? “Luke” I think you’d look better if you changed your hair, the pink is kinda faded and it makes you look childish.

“Vanila flew from her bed in anger ready to plunge at him but he moved swiftly and held her, then he turned her around and pinned her to the wall. She toes got weak.

They stared at each other for a while Luke mummured “those lips of yours!! So tempting “Vanila was out of this world and turned on so badly. She didn’t know when two words came out of her mouth “Kiss me”……………………..To be continued.

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