Vanilla’s Lover: Episode 3

Vanilla's Lover: Episode 3

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The party was finally over, Nakisha and vanilla walked out of the penthouse together. Nakisha nearly screamed when she saw the car vanilla brought.

Nakisha “girl! don’t tell me thats a Lamborghini! “Vanilla ” yes it is, but it’s my dad” Nakisha hissed and they both got into the car.

Vanila “my mother would rather die than hand over a lambo to me” Nakisha scoffed “at least you got a Maserati, mum says I’m stuck with that fucking white Porsche till I get married” both chuckled and she continued.

Nakisha “I guess it’s till I die “Vanilla got serious at this point” girl, what do you mean” Nakisha scoffed” V, look at me, do I honestly look like the wife type??

“Vanilla” of course, you would make a great wifey “Nakisha” fuck that shit! Who would marry a woman who is attracted to men and women at the same damn time. “Vanilla rolled her eyes” ever heard of Miley Cyrus?? She got married.

“Nakisha” and divorced! I don’t want that type of life “Vanilla sighed and held her hand” I’m sure the right guy for you will understand “Nakisha” Cobby didn’t, and I loved his ass “.

Cobby is Nakisha’s exVanilla” oh please! that dude’s a fool. “Nakisha chuckled” Where we headed??, my house or yours “Vanilla” babe yours! I really can’t stand my mum right now, and I’ll need Miss Khloe’s coffee when I wake up cuz I think I drank a little too much “Nakisha nodded and they drove in silence.

They got home by 1am in the morning. As Soon as they reached Nakisha’s room, they hit the bed. Vanilla started to doze off when Nakisha hit her ” hey! V let’s talk a little “Vanilla groaned” about what “Nakisha” you! bitch(Why u quit school” Vanilla scoffed “I hated it there, I was alone, sad, it was just too much.

“Nakisha sighed ” so you wanna go into full time modelling “Vanilla” and acting too, anything that’s fun “Nakisha laughed” I’m I laying next to Kendall Jenner uhh “Vanilla” and I’m next to Tyler Perry “Nakisha wanted to be a screen writer and director.

They both giggled like kids.Vanilla ” so what’s the name of Vicky’s fine ass boyfriend”Nakisha made a face ” leave him alone! You thot!!’Valerie pouted ” I just wanna spend one night with that Greek god, see if he still runs back to plastic ass Vicky”

Nakisha laughed ” girl you wicked! And you are about to get both of us in trouble! his name is Tom Carrie “Vanilla” aight, I’m a look him up on IG once I follow him, it’s done, he gon notice cuz I’m a celeb on the Gram “Nakisha scoffed” yeah I saw you managed to gather 30 million followers.

“Vanilla” right and you?! I know you’re struggling with 11 million” she laughed in a mocking manner. Nakisha frowned and turned away pretending to be angry. Vanilla hugged her and kept laughing, Soon, they fell asleep.

*Wake up you two stupid bitches!! and cone downstairs now!! “Both girls grumbled as they walked downstairs. Miss Khloe was your typical African American mother, even if she was Rich.

Vanilla however loved her like a mother too. Khloe is a single mom, worth More than 20 million dollars. She’s one of the best lawyers in town, the only lawyer who could stand up to vanila’s mum and defeat her in court.

Nakisha’s father was never talked about, but it seems he was still alive.”Good morning mum” “Good morning Miss Khloe” “Good morning girls”, she replied. Then she served both of them coffee as they settled on her expensive leather chair.

Miss Khloe ” vanny, some hot dude’s waiting for you outside,i think your mum sent him “Vanilla sighed ” uhm that must be Luke,” she thanked Miss Khloe for the coffee, and made to leave, Nakisha saw her to the gate.

Nakisha gasped as soon as she saw Luke “Gosh!!! I think I just saw my guardian angel “Vanilla scoffed” I knew you were going to eat him the moment you saw him “Nakisha” and you say Tom’s handsome when you have this at home?? “Vanilla rolled her eyes” Nakisha!! “Nakisha” well it’s too late now, he’s mine!”……………………………….To be continued.

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