Vanilla’s Lover: episode 2

Vanilla's Lover: episode 2

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Vanilla enjoyed the attention she got as she cruised the streets of LA on her father’s new silver Lamborghini.

She stopped at the huge gate of Nakisha’s mum’s mansion and spoke to the visual enabled door bell. Vanilla” hey bitch!! Open the fucking gate”

She gasped when she got a reply from Nakisha’s mum Khloe instead. “Khloe” welcome home you little witch! Nakisha’s not home “Vanilla snorted in laughter “hey Miss Khloe! Where she go “Khloe scoffed” some dumb ass party Victoria invited her to, it’s at her parents penthouse, not too far from here “Vanilla” I know Vicky’s place, will be on my way now, bye Miss k !!

“Khloe frowned” uhh won’t you at Least come in for ice cream, I made some myself “Vanilla laughed” no thanks, I don’t wanna die of diabetes” and burst into laughter as she pulled out Khloe scoffed”

I’ll get you! you brat! and tell Nakisha to use protection cuz I’m going to kill her if she comes home pregnant “Vanilla” I will!!” then she sped off.

Vanilla rolled her eyes as she walked into the party. Victoria was her friend in high school. The typical rich, blonde, Barbie doll wanna be bad girl, not as bad as vanilla and Nakisha though. She’s always wanted to be close friends with them but they don’t really like her. why, because she’s fake.

The party was held by the poolside of the huge penthouse, girls were seen walking around in bikins and guys in shorts, flirting, driving, taking pictures, swimming, making out, etc.

Vanilla scanned the whole place for signs of Nakisha when she was approached by a guy. He had dust brown hair and blue eyes, he was kinda cute but vanilla could see through that he was a player. Guy “hey beautiful” Vanilla faked a smile “hey handsome” Guy “so, want a drink?? “Vanilla” oops sorry, I don’t do guy who wear cheap perfume “Then she eyed him in a sassy Manner and left, Just then, she met Victoria.

“Vanilla!! I can’t believe it’s you!!” Victoria hugged her and she wanted to gag. Victoria “girl! We have a lot to talk about!! Welcome to my party anyway” then she pointed pointed to a mat at the far side of the pool.” Nakisha’s over there, or else you want to hang out with me instead.

“Vanilla stopped herself from scoffing “oh of course I’ll have to talk to Nakisha first, she’s gonna kill me if I don’t” Victoria nodded in defeat and left”

Hey girl!!!!!!!” Both girls screamed at once as they hugged each other. Nakisha told the girl beside her to excuse them and smacked her ass Nakisha is bisexual.

Vanilla pointed at the girl “she your new side chick??” Nakisha laughed ” naa she has a great ass but her breath stinks” They both burst into laugher until vanilla sighed a very handsome blonde leaving the pool Vanilla “wow!, Who’s that, he’s georgous” Nakisha ” he’s Victoria’s latest boo, like she literally worships him “Vanilla laughed” boo my White ass “Then she winked and whispered ” I’m gonna have sex with him”………………..To be continued

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