Vanilla’s Lover: Episode 1

Vanilla's Lover: Episode 1

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Vanilla’s Lover: episode 1

Vanilla pulled up into the huge mansion her parents had just acquired in LA. She took of her sunglasses 🕶️, picked up her designer purse, then she got off her pink Maserati sports and walked into the main building.

Two of the attendants dressed in black shirt and white skirt rushed towards her greeted coteously and went ahead to carry her luggages , she threw the keys to the car and spat ” park that shit , wherever the garage is “.

The attendants were startled , she spoke to the one with short dark hair ” what’s your name??” “Teresa” she stuttered Vanilla ” Teresa you ever drive a Maserati?? “Teresa nodded negative Vanilla smiled ” well, there’s always a first time, just make sure you don’t damage my car, it’d cost your salary for a life time” then she winked at the girls and walked in.

“My baby girl is home!!!!” Sonia exclaimed as she rushed downstairs to the main living room where vanilla stood, and engulfed her in a deep hug.

Sonia was vanilla’s nanny, but she was also the mother Stephanie never was.Vanilla kissed her ” Awww I missed you nanny, do you know I quit school because of that??” Sonia gasped and they both laughed happily .

Sonia: “sweetheart please never make that type of joke aloud, your mother is actually going to kill me.

“They settled in the kitchen and Sonia fed vanilla with chunks of sweet cupcake 🧁 as they made petty chat.

Then Sonia got serious “but to be frank honey, do you think quitting school was the best idea “Vanilla scoffed ” please not you too, yes , it was the best idea, I mean I never liked it there in the first place, I can’t wait to start my modelling career “Their conversation was interrupted when someone announced that Mr and Mrs Deudotiii wanted to see vanilla in their study , vanilla turned with fiery eyes ready to devour whoever dared bring such bad news but stopped when she saw the owner of the most handsome face and charming smile she’d ever seen in the universe!! Gosh she wanted to eat his face!.

However, she managed to control herself and return from her trance .Vanilla: “you new here??” Sonia “uh yeah, he’s my nephew, Luke, Mr Jamie hired him to run some errands around the house, he’s a graduate, but you know how it is getting a good job nowadays “Luke smirked ” Aunt! You’ve said perhaps too much “Vanilla” no it’s cool, what you study ?? “Luke” business administration.

“Vanilla rolled her eyes and scoffed ” now I think I hate you already “Then she turned to Sonia and whispered” he’s cute tho, I’ll ensure to keep him away from Nakisha “Sonia giggled as she walked away, Luke was puzzled ” who’s Nakisha??”” My crazy ass best friend! “Vanilla called back as she hurried upstairs.

Stephanie sat on the intimidating boss chair in the huge office which was very huge while Jamie walked around the room receiving a call. He hung up as soon as he saw vanilla and hurried to give her a huge hug and kiss “welcome home sweetheart, papa missed you a lot, “Vanilla blushed” me too papa”.

Then she turned to Stephanie , ” hey Mom” Stephanie looked bored “that how to greet your mum whom you haven’t seen in two years. Vanilla scoffed and walked towards her, she hugged her slightly and sat down opposite her, then she placed her legs on the table, simply to annoy Stephanie.

Stephanie pushed her legs down instantly ” girl get your damn foot of my $30, 000 table “Stephanie sighed” I still don’t understand why you quit school, it’s like you’re throwing your future away, you’re a first class student! “Vanilla was getting annoyed” mum please don’t start! It’s done already no going back! “Stephanie” The vice Chancellor owes me some, he could pull some strings and you’ll be back like you never left, education is a guaranteed future!.

“Vanilla scoffed” mum please! Save that shit for your dumb as lawyers and students cause I’m not buying your cooperate BS!. Stephanie banged the table” you low your damn voice when you’re taking to me and watch your damn mouth you brat!

“Jamie” Stephanie! She just got here! give the girl a chance to breath! besides she made up her mind let her do it! “Stephanie” she’s like this because you spoil her all the time “Vanilla was getting emotional” well where were you?? always working! You barely had time for your own daughter! You work more than dad but he has more money and time for me why??

“Stephanie” you know I try my best as a mother “Vanilla” Bullshit!” Then she got up and straightened herself ” I’m going to be a model! A top class one! not your puppet lawyer to manage your buisness “Jamie” you know I’ll support you honey, whatever it is “Vanilla smiled at her dad” that’s why I love you so much papa, I already have up to thirty million followers on the Gram so it won’t be a big deal.

“Stephanie” I don’t approve of this, I won’t have my only daughter running around naked on TV and in magazines “Vanilla scoffed” that’s just your perspective of modelling , and yes I would really love to go naked on camera “Jamie snorted in laughter “Stephanie” you think it’s funny ?? Jamie!

“Vanilla shook her head and whispered to Stephanie “your childhood must’ve been really boring, how’d you too meet anyway, so unalike! Thank goodness I’m just like dad! You’re no fun “Jamie burst into serious laughter Vanilla smiled and headed out “I’ll be at Nakisha’s “Stephanie scoffed and called back” that crazy friend of yours! You guys better not smoke weed! “Vanilla chucked slightly and called back ” we’re 19 mum , smoking weed is legal “..,…………..To be continued

Hope y’all enjoyed this episode??, please give me lots of spicy comments if you want episode two soon.

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