Vanila’s Lover: prologue

Vanila's Lover: prologue

Vanilla Deudotiii is a nineteen year old Italian American, who lives in Los Angeles with her multi millonaire parents.

Growing up, she had the dream life of every girl , the money , the beauty , fashion, cars, porpolarly, friends , etc but she lacked something , something her parents wealth could not buy,

she lacked attention, especially from her mum Stephanie who was too busy building the most Prestigious law firm and University in the state of California.

Vanilla grows up to become a spoiled brat with a bitchy attitude, she partied like crazy and got into trouble almost all the time, then she was sent to Juilliard University to study buisness law, but dropped out two years later to pursue a modelling career instead, even if she had a first class for the first two years, she just did these to annoy her mum and hopefully gain her attention.

Her dad on the other hand supported whatever his ” baby girl” did. She came back to Los Angeles and started over, met a few guys, got heartbroken, got cheated on, got lied to, but she kept searching.

Little did she know that her prince charming was just right beside her the whole time ; Luke ; her Nanny’s nephew, her supposed driver and manager ….

Watch out for episode 1!

Vanila's Lover: prologue



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