Top Sites To Stream And Download Anime Free

Top Sites To Stream And Download Anime Free
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I am making this list short because with these top sites to stream and download anime free. You won’t really need a very long so you don’t get confused as to which to pick from.

Anime is no doubt getting more popular by the day, it is very addictive. I only started watching anime this year and I can say for certain that I loved watching the Dragon ball series, One Punch Man series, Attack on Titan ( Shingeki no Kyojin ) and bleach.

Note : This list wasn’t just pulled out of the internet. It’s was compiled from reviews of anime lovers including myself and some friends.

1. Chia-anime

Top sites to stream and download anime free

Link :

If you’re looking to stream or download latest anime for free then chia-anime is for you. They update anime on a regular basis.

Chia-Anime is a website for watching anime and reading manga which has various genre such as drama, a slice of life, and many more. 

2. Kiss anime

Top sites to stream and download anime free

Link :

KissAnime is a free website where you can watch English-subbed and dubbed anime. This website has a mobile-friendly interface.

You’ll have to register if want ad-free streaming sessions.

3. Animesimple


Link :

They may not be as fast in uploading new anime like chia-anime, but considering the fact that they started as at 2018 I’d say they are doing just fine.

Anime Simple was built with the intent of making anime streaming as simple as possible for our users.
Providing thousands of anime series and movies.

Also anime is available in subbed or dubbed version.

4. GoGoanime


Link :

GoGoAnime is a website where users can watch and download anime with English dubs and subtitles for free. The website offers a wide variety of anime shows, all with different genres.

5. 9anime

9anime mobile view

Link :

As recommended by multiple sources

9Anime is a website for users looking to watch and download free anime episodes.

The site provides a very long list of anime TV series and movies in English sub or dub. This website does not require users to register.


Well does are the top sites to stream and download anime free.

I personally use Chia-anime or Animesimple.

Also if you think you know a better website leave the name in the comment section below.

Tell us which website works best for you.



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