On “the box” Roddy Ricch makes high fashion squeaks.


“The Box” the second track on the project, shows just how creative he get on with his voice while trying to break out with a big noise in the industry.

It’s been one of the most anticipated projects of the year among the new generation of rappers. “The Box,” the second track on the project, showcases just how creative he gets with his voice.

Roddy Ricch makes a theatrical entry with squeaking noises that one Twitter user compared to a squeaky windshield wiper. As the drums kick in, the rapper sweeps in skrtting off in a foreign at full force, painting the image of Compton’s Batman. “Pullin’ out the coupe at the lot/ Told ’em fuck 12, fuck SWAT/ Bustin’ out the bales out the box,” he harmonizes on the hook. The rapper stretches and morphs his voice throughout the track in a way that showcases his outer-Compton influences to dance it up with his listeners.

Check out the track below it amazing.

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