“Bohemian Rapsody” on “mama”sauce walks ft Monzzy


Sauce walka put a lot of energy to create a new modern rap for his listinners, he had work grately in producing his new vibe Not many songs in modern music have as many dramatic turning points as “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

They’re what made the Queen song stick in people’s minds, and cause them to gather round and passionately belt out the tune in unison whenever it came on. Sauce Walka puts so much emotion and energy in his raps that it’s fitting for him to flip “Bohemian Rhapsody” to create his own theatrical performance.¬†
The part in which Freddie Mercury sings, “Mama, ooo ooo”, is pitched down and repeated¬†beneath the verses, so that it comes to sound more like a droning noise than a familiar ditty. The Houston-based rapper also draws the song’s concept from this sample, not too long after his recent album was drop he decided to come back again with full energy.


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