In Prague (Part 2)


Only in Prague, on a gloomy October morning could I meet with you at dawn.

 I wish we meet at a park, where we sit and talk. The unanswered questions that burned my conscience & haunted my very existence.

I wish we could let go of the restrictions the society had wrapped us tightly with.
I wished we could quit the chit chat about the past and focus more on pressing issues.
I also wish you’d notice the man I’ve grown to become.

Don’t ask how I’m doing as you’ve never bothered from the start.
Let’s talk about how we need to mend our broken souls. As much as I’d hate to admit, we’re connected on a deep level.
Let’s have a conversation without tenterhooks how you were not a part of my growing up. 

Your absence in my evolvement as a young adult.
I wish you would look into my eyes and be oblivious to the fog that lay around us, the heaviness of the cloud and the mist present that are so heavy from the words unspoken. And soften them.

Let this spot be our quantum of solace. Outside of time, space, life & reality that a family’s bond can be whole again.

I wish we could finally say all we have & truly need to say.
And from then on, I wouldn’t have to look at other kids and want to be like them.

Perhaps Vandross Should have said “Speak’ rather than “Dance”  but one thing is certain; The dust is cleared.  I’ll head on to lead a life you couldn’t.
Goodbye Prague.


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