Ever wanted good grades? Here’s 5 guidelines to effective studying

5 guidelines to effective studying

5 guidelines to effective studying

Exams come with different weathers. Sometimes, it can be very intimidating. With tricky questions, so much to remember and limited time, you may sometimes doubt yourself or loose self confidence. However, it is very possible to make the most of your study time and get good grades after your exam. All you need do is to properly and effectively manage time and be disciplined.

Read below to learn more on how to study effectively, practice discipline and enhance your time management skill.


5 guidelines to effective studying
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An acronym is a series of letters composed of the first letter of each word in a Saying. Not everyone can retain a list of things in mind. One distraction or the other can step in inbetween and clear it off your mind.

One way you can avoid this is to create acronyms. You can begin with a simple phrase that isn’t so difficult to remember and then you turn it to an acronym. It may possibly help you choose a saying that rhymes and then you remember easily.


5 guidelines to effective studying

Doing this has a really bad effect on you. It is important to totally avoid it. Not only is it time consuming, it also makes it almost impossible for you to read other subjects or even finish up with the one you’re reading.

It is also possible that you forget all you have crammed. You may not be able to remember. Therefore, it is advised that you give yourself enough time to study. Study everyday for a few hours.


5 guidelines to effective studying

Distractions come in various forms. Your mobile phone and computer, especially when you study online, the Television, and even people around you. As difficult as it may appear to you, dont text, go on social media or take phone calls while studying.

Doing these things are unnecessary uses of your time, and you may spend more time doing these things than intended. You’ll be surprised how much time you can pick up by doing away with these distractions.

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5 guidelines to effective studying
5 guidelines to effective studying

Chances are you’re finding it difficult with some courses. Asking your teachers, professors and professionals in the field will do you good. You could ask your professor subjects to study for your exams. Ask them for guidance on concepts that give you trouble.


5 guideline to effective studying

What you eat also has an effect on your studying. I know it may possibly appear odd to you but eating right will also help you study right.

Avoid alcohols when studying as it only disturbs your brain and does nothing more. Alcohol distracts you while you study and may likely put you to sleep. Foods like dark Chocolates helps you when reading. It makes it easier for you to understand and also helps your memory.

“So that was our 5 guidelines to effective studying. You think you can add to the list?? Then tell us what works for you in the comments section below.”


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